Australian travel blog community

Below are a list of other blogs from more travel bloggers of Australia. Each blog site has a variation over the other. Some focus on food. Some focus on Caravan parks others focus on brilliant scenery pictures.
By grouping blogs we find useful and sharing the information, allows you as the reader to find a vast array of different insights to travelling OZ.

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Caravan and camping blogs



Are you travelling Australia with Kids ? or maybe your planning on hitting the road with kids? Either way it’s going to be exciting times for you and your family. Find out more on travelling with kids by visiting the TAWK website by clicking on the banner above and see the best way of getting around with the whole family at your side.


Travelling Australia since 2003 – Hobohome is a converted Bedford bus. This site features stories and photos from their ongoing adventures.

They have a wealth of information on their website, well worth a look through. We’d love to upgrade to a bus one day so will be keeping a eye on this site 🙂



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