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Bourke Free Camp – Darling River – NSW

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You will pass North Bourke free camp if you’re heading to or from the QLD/NSW border (border closures permitting).

Therefore this riverside camp is a handy one to checkout. We decided to grab some lunch from the local servo and have a picnic by the river.

North Bourke Free Camp

When we first passed this camp we noticed quite a few vans lined up for the night. So I thought this camp was just the long sealed area you see from the road. At first glance it looked basic, but after having a drive down to the river, pass the toilet, we came to the proper riverside camp.

Once you arrive at Bourke free camp you will see a large sandy/soil area, big enough for any size rig. Adjacent to the river there are lots of picnic benches as well as small wooden BBQ’s. In addition, a couple of bins are in this area as is the boat ramp for you to pop your boat in.

Camp Attractions

While having lunch at North Bourke free camp, we were lucky enough to see the Jandra paddleboat pass by. Not only can you have a relaxing cruise down the Darling River but the captain tells you about the history of the riverboats in this area. Additionally they tell you about the flora and fauna in the area.

You can book a trip on the paddleboat at the near by Bourke Information Centre. In fact the Information centre is also worth checking out if you would like to know the history of Bourke or need to use the dump point.

Besides spotting the Paddleboat, Australia’s oldest movable span bridge is located here. Opening in 1883, the bridge is now closed. However it’s interesting to take a look at think about it’s history.

Bourke Free Camp OR Caravan Park?

Kidmans Camp might be a better option for those wanting to connect to power and water. In contrast, North Bourke Free Camp is great for the self contained as is the near by May’s Bend river camp. On the other hand, Kidmans Camp Country Resort is a lovely option as it has two swimming pools.

Last year we came through Bourke, stopping at Kidmans Camp. It was a great place to stop This is our write up on Kidmans Camp.

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    • Trinh+&+Dennis
    • July 29, 2021

    Yes, I thought you’d been up that track before, so must be a beaut location. Looks divine for this old bloke and young ‘chicky wife’ LOL

    Do you have an end destination, or just following the wind etc?

      • SueSue
      • July 31, 2021

      Trinh & Dennis, No end destination just following the wind and work for Larry 😀

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