Burra Showgrounds

Burra Showgrounds -South Australia – $15 pn

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Burra Showgrounds -

This showground is run by a very passionate man called Arty. As you arrive at the large but dry Burra showgrounds, Arty comes over to great you with his lovely dog.

As he has been the caretaker of the place for a few years he knows were the best spots are to avoid the wind and to get your van on flat ground, he carries around a little spirit level just to be sure.


Burra Showgrounds

As we started to set up another van arrived and just as quickly took off. It seems a few people expect to be able to plug in to water and can't as there are only around three water taps. You can however still fill your tanks if your staying, as we did, filling them before we left.

Arty showed me the Amenities block which has as a few toilets and a shower. A couple of benches to sit on are near by and the Dump point is by the Amenities.

We unhooked and had a look around town. It's a nice looking town with vines growing outside the shops and old building that you're not sure if they are still open or are rustic relics left to look at.

Burra Town

We popped in to the visitors center to see what the local area had to offer. Were told about a the Burra Heritage Passport and Key. This is a self guided tour to 9 locked heritage sites, such as the Goal and Mine site. As the price was $30 pp we decided we would have a drive around instead.

We found a couple of lookouts near the Old Burra Mine. The Mine was active between 1845 and 1877, some of the ruins have been restored really well.

Along the river just over the town bridge is a lovely area to sit and have a BBQ or picnic, although watch the ducks don't take it from you. There is a large play area and toilets to.

Burra Pop Culture

When we were back at the showgrounds Larry was having a chat to Arty about the area. Arty mentioned that the old house down the road was used on the cover of the famous Midnight Oil album, Diesel and Dust. Well we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to check that out, so we had a drive and found it.

After taking some photos, Larry turned on one of Midnight oils tunes to get the full vibe and I started filming. Dancing like Peter Garrett, in front of the house was not a good look but it was fun 😀

Around 10 vans arrived at the showgrounds that night and there was still heaps of room.

Eating and drinking

We ended up staying two nights as the Town of Burra was quite nice. Arty also recommended we go to “Gaslight” which is a coffee shop that also sells collectables and old books. It's a quaint little place that's worth a browse. We were told to try the “Tiddy oggi” which was half Cornish pasty and half apple pie, served with tomato sauce for one half and cream for the other. Larry had that while I had the scones 🙂

Other sightseeing 

A look on WikiCamps told us there was a huge windmill blade, just off the side of the road that we could look at. Another short drive took us to the 44 meter long blade. Information boards give you all the stats on wind and size etc. Yet another little thing to do close to the showgrounds 🙂 

Windmill blade on show at side of road

Windmill blade on show at side of road

Although I'm sure the tourist information center will give you some great info on the area, ask Arty! He told us about Tiddy oggi and the album cover house, two small yet memorable things we sore in the area 😀

Tribute to the Diesel and Dust cover of Midnight oil.... Burra

  • Location : Burra
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: South Australia
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Showgrounds
  • Price : $15pn powered or not
  • Water ? : Yes ( three taps)
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit – All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 5 min
  • WIFI (tested with boost):  yes
  • Amenities : Toilets and a shower
  • Other : Some seating, Dump point, Knowledgeable caretaker

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