Useful resources

There are a huge array of websites out there that deal with caravans, RV’s, camping and all in between. Below i’ve started to list some of the good ones  with particular attention to the Redarc website. Their not only an Australian company but have great calculators and other useful material on their site.

If there is one thing you need to spend money on then that’s WIKIcamps. The best money you’ll spend for under $10.

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Electrical, Solar and website resources

Below are some links we found useful for resources to do with the caravanning world. There are a vast amount of sites out there and i’ll update this list as i come across the most helpful ones.

Electrical and Solar

Redarc Electronics

Redarc are an Australian made company. In my opinion they sell nothing other than quality products. Their products aren’t always the cheapest but don’t let that put you off. What you pay for is high quality with a great warranty service should something not be quite right. They sell some good stuff and what you buy from them keeps it in Australia. I have bought one of their Battery Management Systems the BMS1230 or Manager 3.0 as it’s also known as and it works brilliantly.

Before you ask … no i’m not affiliated with them I just don’t have any hesitation in recommending a product if i’ve put it through the paces myself and consider it worthy.

PS: My understanding is the brake controllers are also a worthy product if your looking for one. I personally also like the online calculators and resources page     

Every Batteries

We originally did a fair bit of research on solar panels to find out if the cheaper ones you can get from ebay are worth it or not. It comes down to who you ask so do your research first. There is alot of nasty ones out there so it can be a bit of a hit and miss. We ended up getting  3 x 200w solar panels from Every batteries after a fair bit of research. Currently our panels work brilliantly so i’m happy with the outcome but like i say do your research first.

Read as much as you can from collyn rivers on this site. His information just make sense and he doesn’t give miss leading guidance like you can get from a lot of forums. We Never got his books in the end but i’ve read every article i could find from him.

Solar spreadsheet 

Various Spreadsheets related to caravanning can be found on the spreadsheet page of this site.

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