Dongara free camp

Dongara-Free 24hr–Western Australia

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Dongara Campsite-

Dongara’s camp is on a grass area but with a fair few bindi’s. Plenty of room for any size rig. It’s a very basic camp opposite houses and to the left of the town oval. Only 45 minute’s south of Geraldton.

Dongara free camp

When we arrived only a couple of rigs were parked. By the time it was happy hour about 15 vans were enjoying the camp.

Leo and Maryka, a couple we had met at the “Kooma View Farm House” also parked up. We had a great laugh at happy hour with them and another couple.

We love that at different camps, we see other full timers we have seen before. It’s lovely to catch.

Dongara Town

We had a stroll in to Dongara to the local shops and pub down the road. Deciding to go to the pub for lunch.

We shared a club sandwich and chips between us. They were good enough to put it on two plates, great portions and tasty food.

You can park next to the pub if you are passing through and want to visit the town. 

They have a couple cafe’s and your basic shops.

They have a fish and chip shop that also sells burgers etc.

That evening at happy hour someone from the fish and chip shop, came around to each van with a menu. Nice to see them coming down to see us caravans 🙂

Next to the camp is a great dump point. When I say great, it has a sink to wash your hands… It’s the simple things … love it! 🙂

Dongara dump point

Dump point with sink 🙂

You can’t fill your water tanks here but the sign says there’s a place near by to do it (also in the link below)

This is a basic free camp with a nice friendly town at your door.

Below is a link to the government website. For camping information in the shire of Irwin. It gives you all the information on camping in the area. This includes Dongara and Port Denison camp sites. Dongara camping Information

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More Information

  • Location : Dongara
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Western Australia
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Free camp
  • Price : $0
  • Water ?No
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 1 minute
  • WIFI (tested with boost): yes
  • Amenities : None
  • Other : Dump Point, walk to shops

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