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40 How To Find Work While Traveling Tips

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Working Your Way Around —

Unless you are lucky enough to not need to work while you’re traveling or you run a business from the road. You will need to find a job along the way.

There is no doubt that finance is the biggest reason people hold off on their dream. Before we make that final decision to pack in our jobs and sell almost everything we own, we question. How will I find work traveling? Where will I find a job? What will I do for work?

Research! if your anything like me you will be googling non stop. Reading and asking questions. Facebook Groups are a great place to find information. Ask questions to people in the same position as you, how they found work. You maybe a family or couple, others will be in your position.

Whatever your job is, you will usually have multiply skills from that one occupation. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do. Be open to new challenges and what ever life opens up to you. Stepping outside our comfort zone can bring some of the best experiences. Check out our three month’s on a cattle station here 🙂 

job as a mechanic

You could still do your old occupation in a new location

Think Outside The Box

Example 1: I worked as an Assistant Nurse in age care. As well as the obvious skills, I clean, make beds, deal with people from all walks of life and served food. Making me a good candidate for a housekeeper. As we know tourism is a major industry in Australia.

I did in fact go from nursing to a hotel Laundry, housekeeping and receptionist. Then on to being a gardener, all on the five star resort of Hayman Island.

Making morning tea on a cattle station is also new to me. Feeding hungry Jakaroos and Jillaroos at mustering time. 

Example 2. Larry, from working as a mechanic became the utilities manager on the island. Dealing with a reverse osmosis plant for the islands water, the sewage and overlooking the power, in the form of large generators.

From this, Larry has found work on a remote cattle station working as a bore runner. Also helping out at a winery and driving farm machinery.


We have compiled a list of resources to help find work while traveling. They maybe useful to some of you.

Some of these we found online, others people have been good enough to message us with. Having asked the question in one Facebook group a lady sent me her list.

Also when we first started our journey a young couple also working as they travel, sent a message with a contact. I’m very grateful for those that are good enough to share 😀

Now over 40 online resources 

General jobs all over Australia

Rural and Outback Jobs

  • AG Workforce: Agricultural recruitment in all states. Farm hands, domestics, laborers, transport and earth moving to name just a few. More on AG Workforce Here
  • Governess Australia: Isolated regions and pastoral stations. Governesses, In-home Care Educators and rural child care centers. Goveness jobs Here
  • Ruralenterprises: Rural recruitment on farms in seasonal harvest and seeding jobs. Check out Rural jobs Here
  • Harvest Jobs: More on the harvest trail Here
  • Ranza Rural Employment. This site looks like it’s keyed towards backpackers? But I’m sure it’s good for anyone.
  • Jobaroo: Jobs directed at backpackers but why not for anyone? Jobs in many areas such as Beauty Therapy, hospitality, medical, engineering and the outback. Visit Jobaroo Here
  • MLKA: Hospitality recruitment. Remote live in positions Australia wide.

  • Gumtree: Jobs all over Australia in all careers. This link will take you to outback jobs. Go to Gumtree jobs Here

  • AGRE LABOUR Australia: Agricultural jobs, all over Australia. Agre labour jobs Here

Seasonal Jobs

Other places to work/Help

  • HelpX: is an online listing of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, backpackers hostels.

They even have sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation

  • Blaze Aid: Help communities rebuild after natural disasters. See how you can help out Here

  • Farm Army: Helping out our farmers in the bush. Domestics, farm help, painting, pet and house sitters, gardening etc. Accommodation and food maybe included. See more on this Here

  • Aussie Helpers: Volunteers helping our farmers in need. Find out more Here

Please Note: Some of these sites charge a fee.

Facebook Pages













Of course where ever you are you can ask around or check out shop windows.

We have heard of farm jobs while buying coffee at a coffee shop and at the pub. The bush telegraph still works well.

Have we missed any? If you have any we can add to the list please comment below 😀

See our Facebook page HERE to see what we are doing now

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  1. Thank you a very resourcefull article for my audience.

      • SueSue
      • July 19, 2017

      Thank’s for your comment Glenn.
      It’s nice to think others might get some benefit from it. We appreciate you sharing our post’s with your audience.

    • Suzanne
    • July 29, 2017

    Great site I am in age care so found this very useful thank u

      • SueSue
      • July 29, 2017

      Thank’s Suzanne, I’m So glad you can take something useful from this post.
      As you know, we have so many skill’s working in age care. I’m sure you can put those skill’s to many things.
      Happy Travels 😀

    • Sue
    • July 31, 2017

    Great help thanks Sue and Laz, this will be a great help to us, we are on the road full time having sold our business, still need to work ti support our adventure. Thanks for putting the time and effort into such a great website ?

      • SueSue
      • July 31, 2017

      Hi Sue,
      Thank’s for your message. I love that you took that huge step in selling your business to follow your dreams.
      Let us know if you do use any of the sites and find work on your travels.
      Hope to catch up with you on the road some time.

  2. Thankyou for this great site ,We are planning or winging it hopefully 2 years away ,our only plan started was we had the realestate here last week ,we have found our perfect van 6 month wait there and when we get off the SOT which lane we land in is the way we go ,no plans at all ,I just want to see as much as possible of the big island ,I know Tassie off by heart ,so its big we go ,not sure if we will work or just live on pension and savings

      • SueSue
      • August 9, 2017

      Hi Donna 🙂
      It sound like the wheels are well and truly in motion, so to speak. Exiting times selling up and waiting for your new van.
      We picked a direction (which was not the one we initially planed) and played it by ear. I like having a general direction but have learned to go with the flow.
      Having a pension and savings means you can relax and enjoy life on the road 😀 You can always top up your savings along the way if you find a job you like.
      Congratulations on not just dreaming it, but doing it!

    • Fred
    • August 19, 2017

    Thank you for the list. We are currently working on a property at Kununurra WA thanks to grey nomads jobs.
    Helpx is another website that may be helpful

      • SueSue
      • August 19, 2017

      Fantastic! Thank you for this Fred.I have added HelpX to the list. What a great site.
      Thanks again, enjoy Kununurra and your travels 😀

    • Judy Williamson
    • September 7, 2017

    Love following your travels. We, too, are full-time travellers (now in our ninth year). Thank you for the above list. We have worked when it suited us to do so. In fact, we are off to another station job, tomorrow for a couple of months. I can suggest the following fb pages to add to your list.
    Rural and Remote Cooks
    Station/Farming Jobs
    Kind regards
    The Travelling Willies

      • SueSue
      • September 7, 2017

      Hi Travelling Willies,
      Thank you for these fb pages I will add them to the list 🙂 It’s great to know you have been on the road for that long and still find work when it suites. Enjoy your station job!
      Hopefully we may bump into you on the road some day.

    • Colin
    • September 9, 2017

    Thanks Sue and Laz for sharing with others, this will be very helpful in a couple years when we head off.

      • SueSue
      • September 9, 2017

      Great stuff Colin, your welcome 🙂

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