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Jericho Showgrounds – Queensland

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Jericho Showgrounds is in central west Queensland. An hour from Barcaldine and 30 minutes from Alpha.

This is a small outback town on the Capricorn Highway with less then 500 people.

Jericho Showgrounds

We arrived to find a few vans large and small enjoying this camp.

Some had been here for quite few days and why wouldn’t you, when it's $50 a week.

If you're in a tent it's only $5 a night, un-powered is $10pn and only $15pn for power and water. This is such good value, please use the yellow honesty box.

You can park next to a slab as you have many to choose from. Toilets and showers are available as are bins. Whether you are staying for one night or 7 nights a dump point is always great to have.

Jericho is a quiet place that has a small store and a great showgrounds to camp at. Stop here to and check out the surrounding areas.

Drive To:

Barcaldine - Only an hour away from Jericho. Home to the Tree of knowledge and the birthplace of the Labour party.

Barcaldine queensland TREE OF KNOWLEDGE

Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of knowledge is a piece of public art that sits over an old ghost gum. We didn't know until after our visit but if you look through the glass at the bottom of the tree you can see the root ball. Apparently a man asked for his ashes to be buried in the root system and they are.

Also have a play on the musical bench or have a drink at the cafe or pub.

More Details Below 

  • Location : Jericho
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Queensland
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Showgrounds
  • Price : Donation - $5 tent - $10 un-powered $15 power and water, $50 for a week 😀
  • Water ? : Yes
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 2 minutes
  • WIFI (tested with boost): yes
  • Amenities : Toilets, shower
  • Other : Dump Point, Bins, any size rigs

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