Kolonga Camp – $15pn – Queensland

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Kolonga is 43km north of Gin Gin. The camp is on part of a 100 acre property in the area.

Only open for three months of the year, when the gray nomads head north, this is a must stop on your way.

It’s on WikiCamps and that’s how we found it. Calling the number to book in and given a code to open the gate. I new immediately Larry was in a happy place when we were met by Fay on our arrival. When ask if we were staying one or two nights, Larry, said without hesitation “we’ll stay for two night thanks”

Kolonga Camp

As the only people here we chose a place to park on one of the large open grass areas. Larry hadn’t even seen if we were level or put the legs down but was already putting out the awning and settling in. It was good to see.

Kolonga Camp and the property is totally off grid. The owner Rick, in-fact runs a Solar/sat/pump business. Being off grid you have to have your own power and water. You have use of their shower and toilet though. They also have a washing machine and laundry area.

Sites are flat as a pancake so it was fine that we didn’t check the level of the site. Apparently, the camp area was once a small air strip for the owners plane.

Rustic And Quirky Additions

We love all the rustic touches they have lovingly put around the camp. Old boots are filled with plants and swing is placed so you can watch the sun go down.

The tractor has been given pride and places in it’s own little welcome garden. While old pants have been stuffed and hung upside down so it looks like someone is in a well.

Happy Hour

At happy hour you are invited to the fire pit at the bar (not licensed) BYO. The Turtle bar is made of a shipping container but looks like a log cabin from the inside. For me, who loves rustic, wood and shipping container renovations I was in love. I could make this my home!

Next to the bar is the camp kitchen. Another rustic, beautifully decorated area with BBQ and seating.

The place is run by a lovely friendly family. Fay and Lyle were good enough to light the fire and chat to us while there son and owner, Rick was away. Ben, there grandson even came to politely say hello after he had finished work.

Good Egg’s

Kolonga is no longer a cattle farm but they do have a few chooks and a few fun signs. Yes, we bought some eggs and after asking gave the chooks some bread and grapes as thanks.

Past the chooks is a short walk to another field. Here you will find a short driving range. Golf clubs are available, we had a couple of our own balls and didn’t want to loose theirs. Larry had a hit but after trying to play golf at our camp site at Halliday Bay Golf Course, I declined (See Halliday Bay Golf Course Camp near Cape Hillsborough, Here)

If you have the chance to stay here we highly recommend it. The only down side is it’s not open for long enough through the year.

More Information

As previously stated this is only open for three months of the year for grey nomads and the like. WikiCamps has the +50 sign so no children. It’s also only available to caravans and motorhomes. No tents, backpacker type rental vans.

You must call first as they have a secure gate and will give you a code upon booking.

  • Location : Kolonga
  • You Must Phone First: 0439 986 935
  • Click here for Kolonga’s Facebook page
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Queensland
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : 48hr Farm camp
  • Price : $15
  • Water ? : No
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 30 minutes to Gin Gin
  • WIFI (tested with boost): Yes
  • Amenities :Shower, Composting Toilet, Washing Machine
  • Other : BBQ, Chooks, Eggs, Rustic charm everywhere, Camp fire at happy hour, Quiet, small driving range, short walking tracks.

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    • Kay
    • July 2, 2019

    Wow – what a fantastic looking campsite! Love all the quirky and rustic recycled items that add character. We are based in Perth WA but I’ve already added Kolonga Camp to our ‘must visit’ list for QLD. Thanks for the great photos too ?

      • SueSue
      • July 2, 2019

      Thanks Kay,
      We love the place so much. As you say such character and the family who own it are so lovely.
      Just to reiterate, it is only open for a few months of the year. May or June? till August maybe?
      Well worth a visit 😀

    • Dennis & Trinh
    • July 2, 2019

    OMG….My future Travel Diary is filling too fast Sue.
    Can’t you guys chuck out the anchour and slow dow while we catch up.

    Thanks again for Blogging….Cheers

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