Lake Hume

Lake Hume – Victoria – Farm sit and drive to local areas

Have you ever been to Lake Hume, No? well you should! … If yes, how stunning is it!

Lake Hume


Farm sit and drive to local areas

Nature at it’s best – apart from the inside bat and huntsman 😛

Our last farm sit was across the road from lake Hume, in Huon. We were asked to look after a house, a dog named Cassie, half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half staffie….. what a cracker of a dog. She was so loving and cute, chickens big and small and they had a couple of ponies which lived at the top of the mountain. OK it wasn’t a mountain it was a bloody big steep hill that took us about an hour to climb, it felt like a mountain!


The land had so many fruits, veg and flowering plants, from olives, quince, apples and avocados. They have pair trees and tomato plants were ripe for picking, and we did. There is a vegetable patch which gave us some rocket and squash not forgetting the zucchini. The chickens gave us fresh eggs every day, perfect.

Staying in the farm house

Although we normally stay in our van, this time we stayed in the house as Cassie was there. A great house with a cooks kitchen and projector screen to watch movies on. How great I hear you say.. Yes it was, only down side for me was the five, yes five humongous Huntsman spiders living on the walls. We were told they were around and were put outside if someone staying did not like them, but the owners were not bothered by them 🙁 o’crap!
The spiders were in every room except the bedroom. I put up with them knowing the owners have survived many years with them. It wasn’t until one dared to enter our bedroom things got out of hand. I grabbed Larry’s thong, extended my arm as far back as it would go and smashed the poor, yet huge spider to death. Legs flying everywhere ( and that was just me). I almost put my back out but no way was I going to be sleeping if I knew it was in the room.

 And then there was a bat 

On the fourth night I nearly bumped heads with a bat, yes in the house! But I managed to slip under it and close the bedroom door. We put cushions and pillows by the door in case the little fellow popped its head under. On the upside I was hoping it would feast on the Huntsman 🙂
Speaking of feasting, we were lucky enough to have the best pizzas we have ever tasted while at the farm. They had a pizza oven in the garden which we used to make our own pizza with the fresh base’s they had left us.

Eating the pizza with a glass of wine on the balcony, over looking lake Hume is something I will never forget 😀

I loved sitting out on the balcony in the evening watching the sun set over the lake with a glass of wine in hand. And in the morning when the birds came and landed next to us.

Balcony view Garden Bird

The house is basically opposite the rail trail bike way. If you are in to cycling I would be doing this for sure. As we did not have bike’s and kindly declined the use of the house owners (as we know we would have suffered a major coronary)

Day Trips to NSW and Victoria

Albury – NSW

We parked in the main street at Albury and had a walk down both sides of the street. It’s a large, small town, if you know what I mean. It has many coffee shops, clothing and the usual chain stores. We had a look in the camera shop while we were walking by to see if we could get a Wi-Fi remote for our camera. Seems our camera is to old and so we have to look elsewhere for an alternative.

At lunch time we headed to one of the pubs that had a lovely outdoor/indoor area. It looked like many of the cute lane ways Albury has, with its little shops scattered down the streets.

coffee time

Outside/inside the pub

We had a look at a couple of 4×4 shops and headed back to the house.

Tallangatta – Victoria “The town that moved in the 1950’s”

We were only a five min drive from Tallangatta, the small town has a lovely feel and everyone is so friendly. The town moved in the 50’s due to flooding, wooden buildings were moved and brick ones were knocked down. It’s on Lake Hume which is a man-made lake, 51 mtrs deep and covers 20,019 hectares, a great fishing and boating spot.

It has a large grass triangle opposite the shops with an information centre, benches to sit on and electric BBQ’s to use. The new library has free internet and the town has a good IGA which has a bottle shop inside. They have a bakery, a couple of servos and a pub to name a few.

They have a showgrounds which is $20 for the first night and $15 there after Inc. power and water.

The look out gives a great view of the lake and a nice place to sit.

It’s a friendly town with a really nice feel to it!

Mitta Mitta – Victoria

About 30 min away was the tiny town of Mitta Mitta. Doris the GPS was taking us on a 4 hour journey and we knew it was not. We ended up google mapping it and followed that. Even when we were parked right outside the Mitta Mitta store and pub she was still telling us to turn around

🙁 Needless to say we ignored Doris and went to have a look at the pub.

The pub backed on to the river and has a huge modern seating area out the back. The inside of the pub is also modern though the building is old and the meals sound scrummy.

Before we headed home we chose to stroll over to the only other place around, the corner store. It had the best ice coffee and lovely pie’s.

Yackandandah – Victoria

The Rusty Bike Cafe is a gem of a cafe/restaurant in a small town. I was not expecting such a modern city chic kind of place. The staff was friendly and even the chef came out to apologise that they did not have all the ingredients the menu stated. He gave us a good alternative which we liked 🙂 There are a small line of shops which has a few coffee shops but this was a stand out.

The town has a star in its mist, do you remember the song about teenagers “ Yer, No, Don’t know, nothin? Well the dad who sung that on the 2012 X factor lives there, you learn something new every day 🙂

The past and the future –  Yakandandah

Yakandandah is a historic town for gold rush reasons but more noticeably in this day and age it’s aiming to be the first fully off the grid town in Australia which the towns folk have organised with AusNet Energy to be the guinea pig for Australia. You can read more about it here

Ludlow reserve free camp – Victoria

On the opposite side of the river to the farm is a beautiful free camp. We set up and pulled out the cheese, biscuits, figs and home-made cider the farm owners had given us. There was Galahs landing in the trees to roost for the night. Someone also spotted an Echidna digging its nose in to the earth around a tree. I took a couple of photos of my first live/wild Echidna. Others eventually spotted a small crowd building and also came to snap some memories.

The sun set over lake Hume to the sound of the Galah’s gently squawking and all was right with my world 🙂


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