Non caravan related links

Every now and then we might come across a webpage that’s just simply worth mentioning despite it not being related to caravan or camping. For that we have made a miscellaneous links page where of course larry just felt compelled to add his trike and hovercraft webpage… because he can 🙂

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Back in the day when i had my creative moments in life i designed and built a hovercraft and a 3 wheel trike. The trike had a 5 cylinder Honda motor in it. I created a webpage with that info on it and you can find it here. Click the page headings to go to either hovercraft or trike sections click here to visit my site 

PS: Click on the trike heading to read about the trike

Also in 2012 Myself and Suzie managed to lose almost 20kg each from purely changing eating habits not from doing vigorous exercise. See how we did it via my blog here    



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