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Burcher Donation Camp NSW

Burcher – Donation Camp – NSW

The small town of Burcher is a little over 2 hours north of Wagga Wagga. The campsite is simple yet has everything you need. Around the corner is the pub. Did I mention it has everything you need 😁 Unfortunately the pub was closed, maybe next time 👍 We headed here on a Sunday drive,…
Gulargambone Caravan Park NSW farm animals

Gulargambone Caravan Park – NSW

A Different Caravan Park Whether you like gathering around a communal fire pit or you love farm animals you should check out Gulargambone Caravan Park. Bernadette (one of the owners) gave me a warm welcome when we checked in and invited us for happy hour that evening. What a lovely welcome! After parking up on…
Lightning ridge caravan park NSW

Lightning ridge caravan park – NSW

Lightning Ridge Caravan Park is located 40 minutes form the QLD/NSW border. This was yet another one night stop for us, as we headed south. We stayed connected to the van in a drive through site so we didn't see much. In saying that we did see a few cool bits and pieces. This caravan…
Dirranbandi Retreat and Caravan Park QLD old rust car

Dirranbandi Caravan Park – Qld

Dirranbandi Caravan Park is on the border of Qld & NSW. About 1.5 hrs north of Lightning Ridge in NSW. I love the touches of rustic character. This great little park was another quick one night stop for us as we headed south to a seasonal job for Larry. We would have liked to of…
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On this page we will be sharing discount codes, products we use as we’ll as products we think you might like. Aussie House Sitters Would you like FREE accommodation while you travel? The lovely people over at Aussie House Sitters have been good enough to give our members a discount. Use our Coupon Code "AHS15%off".…
Travel apps full time caravanning

Our Top 15 Apps For Travellers

Here are Larry and my, most used travel apps on our android phones. We have also included shortcut icons we have on our phones for websites we use. These are ones that come in handy for us as full time travellers, with the lifestyle we have. As usual, everyone is different, so you might have…

Caravan Maintenance & Tips

Things had been quiet on the travel front over 2020 due to Covid 19. This however gave us the opportunity to do some preventative caravan maintenance. Here are some of the things we worked on Caravan Hot Water System Element Changed Due To Calcium Living in our van full time for the last 4 years…

Free Camps In Tasmania

Free Camps In Tasmania are still in abundance although we were told lots of free camps had closed. We stayed at 23 Free & Low Cost Camps Around Tasmania over three months. Power wasn't an issue for us as we have a great solar and battery set so we can be off grid. With that…
Kidmans Camp Country Resort pool

Kidmans Camp Country Resort – Bourke – NSW

Kidmans Camp is an oasis if you're travelling through outback NSW. It’s located 10 minutes from Burke and 1hr 20 minutes to the NSW/QLD border. Before lock down and border closures, this was our last camp before heading over the border and back to Queensland. Kidmans Camp You have lots of places to park here…
Billabourie Riverside Park

Billabourie Riverside Park – Wallanthery – NSW

Billabourie Camp, is a river side camp on a working cattle farm. You will find it between Hay and Cobber a few minutes of the Kidman way. Heading off the Kidman Way on to the unsealed road you know it’s going to be an out of the way camp. Although the road is unsealed it…
Hey Showground New South Wales

Hay Showground – New South Wales

Hay Showground is smaller than most at first glance, but like other showground’s it’s good value. It seems to have two sides. I didn't look at the other side but I believe it’s for larger rigs. Note: We stayed here before border closures and lock-down!! Hay Showground RV Parking As we drove in with our…
Echuca Rotary Park

Echuca Rotary Park – $10 Donaton – Victoria

Echuca Rotary Park is in northern Victoria, across the Murray River from Moama, in New South Wales. This is the camp when we started hearing much more about the Coronavirus break out. With that we chose to just enjoy the camp and the views and not venture out. So although It would have been nice…




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fulltime travel around australia with laz and sue

Larry and myself Suzie have always had a passion for adventure. We decided in 2012 to save for a caravan and travel around Australia full time. We also decided the best way to do this was to move to and work on Hayman Island, in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia.

In July 2016 we bought a Jayco Starcraft and from there on,  the adventure began..............


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    • Jeanette
    • April 2, 2017


      • LazLaz
      • April 2, 2017

      *chuckles*… your on a roll Jeanette …. *high five*. :thumbsup:

  1. Reply

    What an absolutely fabulous group and site, and by far the best, most informative,well written, great photos and videos. Well done both of you for a well managed and professional site. we are in a number of groups, but Iove this one !! We are very new to all of this after just retiring, and have an Avan Ovation Motorhome, so its just 2 wheel drive touring for us, with a mixture of Free Camping, National Parks and Caravan Parks etc. Next week we will be driving from our home in Ballina NSW [where we retired to after 30 years in Sydney] to hopefully Margaret River/Perth area. We plan on stopping in the Flinders ranges, Clare/Barossa, Fleureau Peninsular, Coccklebiddy to see the Bird Sanctuary etc etc, and travel back via Melbourne perhaps, before the end of October, as we are advised the Nullabour Plain heats up a bit after that … so its a 6 month trip. We are so pleases to find such a great site, so keep up the great work. We will try and add some photos and videos, but don’t have a Drone for aerial footage [our son has in his video production business though] …. Marie & Colin ….

      • LazLaz
      • May 27, 2017

      Hi Colin and Marie, thanks for the comment. It’s certainly a great lifestyle with plenty of great places to see even in a 2wd and loads of awesome people you meet along the way. We had to bypass Margaret River area due to time commitments in Mandurah region but hope to make it back that way during the next lap. Yes you’re right the Nullarbor can get very hot at certain times of the year. Make sure you stop off at the lookout next to the WA/SA border on the bight. fantastic free camp there overlooking the ocean
      Happy and safe travels

    • vikvik
    • August 20, 2017

    Hi all …
    Just joined after seeing this on FB about the Nullabor, Just recently got a motorhome and that was going to be the first trip… Now I ask, are motorhomes ok on here too…??? One big happy family right…??? But I have seen the odd bit of them and us on the net…
    Mainly from what I can see cos of council self containment policy… Not my fault…!!!
    Just got here, going to have a look around, like what I see , keep up the good work…!!!
    Course the dunny info is what I first looked up, learnt a bit too I might add…

    vik… thanks…

      • SueSue
      • August 20, 2017

      Hi Vik, great to have you join us 😀
      Everyone is welcome here, no mater what your traveling in or camping in 🙂 We hope our post help everyone that wants to hit the road or is already on it.

      I’m glad your finding some use in our info Vic. We have plenty to look at and plenty more to come.

      Happy travels 😀

        • vikvik
        • August 21, 2017

        Well newbies to the “Hit the road Jack” like me need all the tricks we can get, no better way to learn than from other like minded folk…!!!
        Did a big caravan trip when I wore a younger mans clothes and could do all the hitching,reversing etc with one finger,alas those days have gone so the next best thing,a motorhome. Both are a compromise in some way (Been done to death that argument) and this is the path SWMBO and I chose.
        1990 was the last time we crossed the Nullabor with the caravan and two rug rats, the new long road was just finished 😉 Was sooo smooth, wonder what it’s like now…???
        We zoomed through as most did back then, no way this time, there were no whale platforms to watch from back then ,prolly were still killing them…???
        Thanks for the welcome, great work…!!!


    • Coral
    • May 2, 2018

    Hi What a great site, we are just preparing for our journey, long way to go – hopefully on the road in 2019. I was just wondering how you added the google map with destinations. are you able to show us not so computer literate people how to mark our journeys and details. We will be travelling with 3 dogs so will be so great to keep details easily of great rest stops and places we love. I will continue to follow your journey to learn for our journey. May we meet up on the road one day. Thank you for this great blog and site. happy travels

      • LazLaz
      • May 3, 2018

      Hi Coral

      The google maps is done via a plugin for WordPress (plugin is called google maps easy). WordPress is a website platform that you design and make websites with. If your not making a website then something like Wikicamps will also give you option to add a track and points on a map as you travel. You can then share that with friends.
      Hope that helps
      Happy travels

    • Loyla Whitworth
    • August 4, 2018

    So your device is not suitable for a Motorhome?

      • LazLaz
      • August 5, 2018

      If your referring to the WITI device from Leisure Technologies then your better off with a car alarm or immobiliser for your motorhome as the functions of the WITI is more suited to trailers and caravans with electric brakes.

    • Glenda Lunn
    • August 11, 2018

    Hi Sue & Laz, so excited to find your site as there’s so much great information. I was really interested in your Nullarbor camp sites item as it’s one of my husband and my dream trips, it’s great to see someone say how good it is and not Nullarboring as we often hear. Looking forward to whatever ever you post in the future. Cheers Phil & The Dragon (Glenda) ?

      • SueSue
      • August 11, 2018

      Hi Glenda AKA the lovely Dragon 😉 and Phil,
      If The Nullarbor is your dream trip you will love it. As you have seen in our post, it has so many great free camps. We loved the quietness and scenery.
      Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you find more information that might help with your travels.
      Happy camping 😀

    • Daryl
    • June 27, 2019

    Just wondering if there were other caravaner’s in Adelaide that may be interested in going away weekends we are a couple of friends in senior years to form friend circle we are still relatively new to vanning, and enjoy simple weekends away we’d love to hear from you and some feedback what a great site thank you.

      • SueSue
      • June 29, 2019

      Hi Daryl,
      Please head to our Facebook page and ask the question. We can then share it with others and they can message you etc.

  2. Reply

    Hi all, have just joined this great site. We are Travelling and working and living on the road full time next year. Very excited.

  3. Reply

    Hi travell companions, I’m about to share the road with you all, counting down the days till the end of Feb. No plans, no end date, just travel with my dogs and a leap of faith. See you around the traps ?

      • LazLaz
      • February 6, 2020

      Hi Jules, how exciting for you, hope to see you on the road one day

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