Water Hill Tower Lookout Queenstown Tasmania view of Queenstown Football Ground

Queenstown Football Ground – Donation – Tasmania

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Queenstown Football Ground is located in the heart of Queenstown so you can walk in to town or & to the famous the steam train railway.

Camping At Queenstown Football Ground

The camping area is around the football oval and can fit many vans of all sizes. Keep driving to the end if you want to where you can turn around. Even a long motorhome parked up at the end and so have a look around and see where is best for you.

We parked at the start on gravel near the donation box but there is a grass area with a little bridge going to the road and in to town. and conveniently to the dump point. TIP: The grass area gets the most sun.
They have bins around the oval but no toilets or shower so you do have to be self-contained in that aspect.

Dump point

Conveniently the dump point at Queenstown is over the small bridge. You can also drive around to the road if you prefer.


A short walk from Queenstown Football Ground are shops, cafes and pubs. One pub in particular, the Empire Hotel, built in 1901 with a National Trust Listed Staircase. You will also find The West Coast Wilderness Railway here. A steam train journey you can do for a half or full day.

Queenstown Steam Train

We did the half day train trip, unfortunately we thought we would see more views, so were a little disappointed. The full day tour you see more apparently. You stop at a few stops for things like gold panning, walking and whisky tasting. This is definitely for the train enthusiast. You can also see the train turned around by hand at the station while having coffee at the cafe.

Have A Drive

We left the van at Queenstown Football Ground and drove to Zeehan and Strahan as we were not to sure on the roads going to these areas, or if it was worth towing the van to either. A near by drive will take you to the Horsetail falls where you get to walk along a board walk along the edge of a cliff and Iron Blow Lookout. Also there is Nelson falls 30km before Queenstown which is a nice easy waterfall walk worth doing.


This is a small town with not to much going on. If you like golf and out of the way places you might like it. They do have an old railway tunnel which has glow worms. Obviously looking in the day time we didn’t see any but the old tunnel was nice and you can go for a walk around. Diesel was also cheap which was great 😀


The river front has some old pretty buildings along the water and a lovely cafe called View 42o which overlooks the water and town. You can get the Gordon River Cruise from here which we have been told is worth the trip.

You will also find a lovely easy walk to Hogarth Falls which is well worth having a look at.

Water Hill Tower Lookout

You can see this lookout from the Football Ground. It’s a bit of a walk to get up there once you have parked but you can see the whole town and surrounds once there.

Queenstown Football Ground is a great place to base yourself to see lots of the west coast of Tasmania and for a low cost. Remember to leave a donation

More Information

  • Location : Queenstown
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Tasmania
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Football Ground
  • Price : Donation
  • Water ? : No
  • Power ? : No
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 1 minute
  • WIFI (tested with boost): Yes
  • Amenities : None
  • Other : Bins, Dump point over bridge, walk to town, Drive to other main western towns.

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    • Dennis & Trinh
    • February 17, 2020

    Rugged ole mining town, but sure looks to have some surprises.

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