Wagin Showgrounds

Wagin Showgrounds – 72hrs – From $6pn – Western Australia

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Wagin Showgrounds

Green grass and peace and quiet. What a lovely spot to spend 72hrs. The showgrounds has a dump point on site and is close to some great little attractions.

Payment is made by a hole in the wall $6 or $12 for power and water.


Wagin is a great stop if you're heading towards Perth. A small town with a big heart. Also has a IGA, Foodworks, Laundry and other basic shops.

A friendly town, which you find out quickly. Counsillor Geoff (from the local Shire) come to see each of the vans parked up. He give us a map and some first hand information of Wagin and it's surrounds.

How lovely of him to go out of his way to make sure we are informed about the local and surrounding areas. 

  • Two hours from Perth
  • Two hours from Wave Rock
  • Two hours from Albany


My Top 5 things to do in Wagin

1. Wagin Historical Village

A one minute walk from the showgrounds is the historical village. This is also an information centre. $6 each got us a pamphlet with all the building descriptions and entry.

Some original buildings are:

  • The Orderly's Cottage, built as a quarantine room in 1911. Transported to the site from Wagin hospital in 2011
  • The National Bank, used until 1981
  • Schoolhouse, which is my favorite


Other notables are:

  • Machinery shed, oldest tractor 1927
  • Post office
  • Mrs Stevens Cottage, replica of the 1880 cottage
  • Mia Mia or Wurley, temporary shelter for the local Nyoongars people.

What a lovely place to bring back memories. Yes, even we remember some things 🙂

Wondowan Historical Village had a similar feel to it and you could camp right in the village. Wagin is much larger and established looking village. 


2. Coffee at - Visual Effects Framing Gallery

The best cafe in Wagin is hidden away on a side street, next to the old Cinema. We accidently stumbled upon it while driving by.

It has Bright bags and materials hanging around a beautiful tree in a courtyard.

Picture frames hang in the branches and they have nooks and cranies to sit in with your coffee. The more you sit the more you see.

This was once a framing studio but they now also sell coffee from there little red coffee cart. The beautiful bags and throw's hanging around add a modern bohemian look.


The owner is welcoming and friendly, making you feel right at home. I'm not sure why this little place isn't on the Wagin map of things to do in the area. It was almost my No.1 😀


3. Puntapin Rock

The rock is four Kilometers out of Wagin and spans 60 acres. We climbed the rock to see the almost 360 degree view. The gentle sloped rock to the top is not a bad walk

Wagin Puntapin Rock

Puntapin Rock

It's not a good idea to climb without being totally covered in Bushmans or wearing a bee keeping suit. The flies were so bad it sounded like I had a swarm of bees flying around me.

Both Larry's and my arms were aching by the time we got back down. Swatting flies consistently for so long, stopping for a photo was a chore. Without the flies, a lovely view 🙂

4. Wagin - Giant Ram

About a minute drive out of the showgrounds is “Baart” the ram. After visiting the Giant Sheep at Goulburn the Giant Ram was not so big. But it's big and a photo had to be taken 😉 Built in 1985 by the Wagin residents.

It's in a lovely little area called Ram park. The Park has a BBQ picnic area and playground.

5. Wagin -  Old Well

A minute in the other direction is the old well. Wagin had this for its main water source before later getting it from the base of the Puntapin Rock.

You can park off the road and walk over a little bridge. The well is a nice little piece of history.

Over the road from the well is some art sculptures worth a look also 😉 

Added Bonus

The Trotts

How lucky that we just happened to be here for the Wagin trotts. No, I'm not talking about using the dump point more 😉

Having watched a couple of races I decided I would have a bet. Asking the lady behind the counter how I do it.

I picked my number and gave her my $2. Our horse/jockey came first 😀 so I claimed my $12 before we walked the 1 min back to the van.


Blubird K7

We had a 20 minute drive from Wagin to Dumbleyung to see the bluebird K7 replica.

Donald Campbell broke the world water speed in the original on Dumbleyung Lake. It's a nice little town with another 72hr camp at their showgrounds.


Wagin and the showgrounds is a place I highly recommend. Whether your here for a night or more.

  • Location : Wagin
  • Click for Google map location
  • State: Western Australia
  • Pets: Yes
  • Camp type : Showgrounds
  • Price : $6 Per-night or $12 Per-night with power and water
  • Water ? : Yes
  • Power ? : Yes
  • Will suit: All sized vehicles
  • Is it on Wikicamps ?: Yes
  • Drive time to nearby shops: 1 Minute
  • WIFI (tested with boost): yes
  • Amenities : None
  • Other : Dump Point, close to nice town and things to see

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    • Jeanette
    • May 4, 2017


    • Motherhen
    • May 5, 2017

    A lovely review of a town I have driven through many many times and been to the showground for their annual Woolorama – the largest agricultural show outside of Perth. But not doing touristy things, I have never visited Puntapin Rock, or take the time to go through the historic village (new since I lived in the region).

      • Laz
      • May 5, 2017

      Thanks Motherhen, I certainly wouldn’t go to Wagin specifically to see Puntapin rock but the historic village is definitely worth a look. 🙂

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